Quick Credits – Radio

(From most recent)

News Producer/Anchor: 790 KABC, Los Angeles – Talk radio

Sports Anchor: ESPN Radio, Los Angeles – Sports talk and events

News & Traffic Producer and Anchor: Metro Networks, Los Angeles – News and traffic providers for radio stations throughout Southern California

On-air personality: KZLA, Los Angeles – Country music radio

Production Director, fill in on-air personality: KEZY-FM, Orange County/Los Angeles Metro – Contemporary hit radio:

Operations Manager, Talk show host: KORJ-AM, Orange County/Los Angeles Metro – Talk radio

Programming Consultant and later Program Director: KOW-AM & FM, North San Diego – Country music radio

Programming Consultant: KTIM & KTID, San Francisco Metro – Country music radio

On-air personality & Production Director, later Program Director: KIK-FM, Orange County/Los Angeles metro – Country music radio:

Production and News Directors and “voice” of the station: KOLA-FM, San Bernardino – Album oriented rock

On-air personality and production: KORG-FM, Orange County/Los Angeles metro – Pop music

On-air personality: K131-AM, Barstow – Contemporary hit radio

Kid that hung around trying to get a job on the air: KEZY-AM, Orange County/Los Angeles metro – Contemporary hit radio

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