KZLA (KZLA 93.9 FM, Los Angeles, CA)

There it is! Los Angeles! I had made it! And what a difference compared to all the stations I’ve worked at before. AFTRA contract, state of the art studios, no politics, just radio pros playing radio. It truly was a dream come true because right down the street was the original Bob’s Big Boy and a killer donut shop with fritters the size of truck tires. And just down the street in the other direction, NBC studios. I don’t want to sound jaded by putting donuts ahead of a world renown TV studio but trust me, those donuts were unbelievable!

And out the window of our studio a few stories up, I was looking at the back lot of Universal Studios. And if you’re wondering what felt like to finally hit the big time…was I jaded from all my experiences and unable to appreciate where I had finally gotten to? Hell no! It was awesome! I still remember pushing those buttons and keying that mic and saying those call letters…”K-Z-L-A, Los Angeles! It’s eight o’clock with Adam Smith!” Fantastic!