I found this large, round sticker (about the size of a 45) at the bottom of an old desk drawer while I was working at KEZY/KORG. My best guess is it is originally from the 70s or early 80s.
This sticker has foil behind the call letters. Circa late 80s or early 90s.

KEZY-FM/KORG-AM (KEZY 95.9 FM/K-Orange 1190 AM, Anaheim, CA)

Growing up in Orange County, there was one station that ruled us as teens and preteens and that was 1190 KEZY AM. Over the course of the years AM was relegated to news and talk while FM took over as the listener’s music choice. But it had always been a dream to be able to say that call sign: “KEZY, Anaheim”.

I’d like to think I had developed somewhat of a reputation for the success of KIK-FM and my name was known in radio circles, at least in Orange County.  So when I saw an ad that KEZY was looking for a Production Director, I pounded loud on that door! Many thanks to Craig Powers for opening it. Long story short, I spent 10 years at KEZY-FM as Production Director and am proud of the many campaigns and commercials we put out of that studio.

Because of my management and programming background, I was also asked to take over as operations manager of the sister station, K-Orange 1190 (the original KEZY we loved as teenagers). What are the odds that I would work at two stations called K-Orange? Apparently pretty good. The station was news/talk and my responsibilities included working with the show producers and talent and overseeing the day-to-day operations.

And now a quick story about heroes. When I was young and finding an interest in broadcasting, I would always hear this voice on commercials and think to myself: that’s the guy I want to be! That voice belonged to Mark Denis. Mark became one of my idols and I remember listening to him and trying to emulate his style. Of course, Mark was a one-of-a-kind, so the best I could do was my version of it! Years later, after I took over at KIK-FM, I became acquainted with Mark. I wouldn’t call it a full-blown friendship, but he always made you feel special and important. I was very sad to see him pass at a young age, but am so grateful for his mentor-ship, and to whatever degree, his friendship. By the way, Mark is the one who really started the notion of traffic reporting while he was at KFI, but that’s a story for another day. I tell you all this because when I heard Mark Denis and wanted to be just like him, he was the Production Director at KEZY. As I understand it, he held the job for about 10 years. So it’s strange as I look back to realize that I was the Production Director of KEZY for almost exactly 10 years! I was honored when Craig Powers once referred to me as “The voice of Orange County radio” because that’s what Mark was. To me, I had lived my dream of becoming my version of Mark Denis without really realizing it until much later in life.

I came across this bumper sticker in a box of things out of my KEZY/KORG office desk. If memory serves, I think some smart alec sales person put it on my office door because of my regular upset by late order turn-ins. I taped it to the front of my desk and made it my mantra!