I can honestly say I came to very much dislike heading into the KOLA studios each day. I know that’s a horrible thing to say, especially in my blossoming new radio career, but the truth of it is the station was literally downtown and the condition of the studios and office (not to mention my living conditions) weren’t the best. Besides, here I was, a young man of 21 looking for some fun and adventure.

I had received a call from a friend I worked with at K-Orange who told me they were looking for someone to handle the night shift and do production. I had heard through the radio grapevine that the station was soon going to change format to country music and honestly, wanted nothing to do with that format. I mean, here I was at a hard rock station! But he was persistent and strongly suggested I at least talk to them and see what they had to offer. I couldn’t argue with that, being as I was so unhappy at KOLA.

Long story short, the offer made sense because it put me back closer to LA, closer to home, and under work conditions that were much better than where I was, plus it was live radio – no more automation. So even though I had no interest whatsoever in working in Country Music radio, here I was taking a job as the evening DJ and Production Director of the station I once worked at playing soft rock.

I have to be honest, once back on the air I found the music to be more contemporary than what I expected and enjoyed the fact that I got to spend a great deal of time on the streets in front of the public.

Over the course of just a couple of years, I went from night personality to afternoon personality and ultimately program director.

This station became a big hit and a huge leaping pad for my career as both an on-air personality and producer. I’m proud of my accomplishments at KIK-FM and all the opportunities it offered, but after 7 long years, my time here had run its course. I will however say this is the one station that defined me as a radio personality.